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BetVictor ‘s free bet bonus is advertised as GBP25 or about CAD50.  Simply deposit your funds, then make a first wager with odds higher than 2.00.  The free bet credits should then be attributed within 48 hours.  You then have 30 days to use your promo cash to bet for free.  If you win your free bet, the profit is attributed to your account.  To withdraw any profit from this bonus, you must wager four times the bonus amount received.  So if you got CAD50 in free promo cash, you’ll need to make CAD200 in wagers before the profit from the free bet may be withdrawn.  

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Understanding how Canadian online sports betting bonus offers work

Unibet offers a risk-free bet bonus offer.  This will apply to your first bet.  If you win your first bet, the offer is complete as you’ve won.  If you lose your first bet, Unibet will refund 50% of the value of your stake up to the equivalent of 15 Euros or about CAD25.  Before this refunded CAD25 could be refunded, you will have to make wagers worth CAD250 or essentially 10 times the amount of the bonus.  Only bets with odds of 1.40 or higher shall count toward this play-through threshold.  

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William Hill offers a Deposit Bonus at 100% up to $100.  The bonus amount will be credited to your account upon your first deposit.  To be able to withdraw the bonus as cash, you will need to wager the value of your bonus and your initial deposit (max $100 + $100 = $200) four times over.  In other words, make bets with total stake value of $800.  For a bet to qualify toward this threshold, you the odds for your selection must be 1.50 or greater.  You will have 90 days to reach your play-through requirements.

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Are there alternatives to bonuses?

Quite simply, these incentives exist as that final pull factor to attract recreational bettors and help each company differentiate themselves from their competition.  However, another way to think of these bonuses is from the perspective of the sportsbook company.  When they offer you an incentive in the form of a free bet credit or deposit bonus, they are incurring a “marketing cost.”  Each company has though long and hard about the incentives on offer as part of their business plan and they are happy to offer these value added incentives to you.  

However, there are companies that take a different approach to attracting players, especially those that aren’t overly concerned with the potential short-term gains of an incentive offer.  The example I’m writing about is Pinnacle Sports.  Pinnacle does not offer an incentive bonus for signing up.  Their business model dictates that they hope to attract players through offering the highest-paying odds.   

How does Pinnacle do this?  It helps to understand how sportsbooks make money.  Sportsbooks don’t make money when a lot of people lose on a bet.  They make money by balancing the amount bet on both sides of a match.  The money from the losers of that bet are essentially used to pay the winners of the same bet.  Built into the odds for that match is the ‘juice’ or the fee that will go to the sportsbook for accepting bets.  

Pinnacle is what those in the industry would call a reduced-juice sportsbook meaning the juice is significantly less than most other sportsbooks or in other words, the odds paid to winners is several points higher than normal sportsbooks.  If your intention is to have an account for the long term, reduced-juice sportsbooks certainly have the potential to payout more over time due to the higher odds on offer.

Through Canada Sports Betting, Sports Interaction offers a 100% bonus up to $125.  For the bonus to be withdrawn as cash, the bonus and the deposit that caused the bonus must be wagered 10 times over.  On a maximum bonus of $125, you would need to place bets worth $2,500.  All bets made toward this play-through threshold must be with odds of 1.50 or higher.  If you request a withdrawal before the play-through requirements are met and you received profits the appropriate deductions will be made

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Sports Betting Bonuses Canada

When you’re about to get started betting online, many betting companies offer an incentive in the form of free betting credits or deposit bonuses.  It is important to understand a few things about these incentives.  First, they have been developed to encourage your play.  To gain the full value of the incentive, you will be required to bet with your deposit and possibly the value of your bonus several times over.  It does not matter if you win or lose, you just need to play enough to satisfy the rules for the given bonus.  

As your play-through requirements are met, the value of your incentive will be available for your potential withdrawal as cash.  These play-through requirements simply prevent people from registering an account, depositing initial funds, gaining a bonus, and then withdrawing it all without ever placing a wager.  

Below, I outline the free bet and bonus offers and the relevant play-through requirements so you can understand how you actually go about obtaining the bonus.  Below the listings, I also explain the difference between free bet incentives and deposit bonus incentives.  

Bodog offers 100% Free Bet Bonus on your initial deposit up to a maximum of $100.    Play-trhough requirement for withdrawal of the bonus is 3 times the value of your deposit + bonus amount. The Free Bet can be used on any sports market, wager type and odds.  The Free Bet will expire after 30 days from initial deposit.  Free Bet winnings only (not risk amount) are issued as a bonus.  Should player redeem the Free Bet Bonus and lose with it, the bonus amount will still be deducted before requesting a payout unless rollover has been met.

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Free Bets vs. Deposit Bonuses

In general terms, free bets tend to have slightly easier play-through requirements to satisfy and here’s why:  Free Bet incentives are just that, free betting credits that you may use toward a wager or wagers of your choosing.  If you win on a bet placed with a free bet credit, you would be entitled to keep the profit from that bet, not the stake amount which returns to the betting site.  

For example, if you had a single free bet credit worth $100 and you placed a wager on a game outcome that paid odds of 1.50 and you won, you would win and keep $50 as that is the profit on such a bet and the $100 that holds the place of the free bet stake money returns to the sportsbook company.  

For that $50 to be yours to withdraw as cash, you would need to satisfy the defined play-through requirements.  

For a deposit bonus, your incentive is not tied to whether or not you win a bet as above.  Companies that offer a deposit bonus are essentially saying; “We will match your deposit at the rate of 100% up to a maximum X.”  

In this case, once you’ve satisfied your play-through requirements, the entire deposit bonus will be available for you to withdraw as cash.  

Incentives to be enjoyed once

Just as a point to remember, all the bonus offers listed are meant for first-time account registrants.  Each company frowns upon players from registering multiple accounts and gaining the benefit of the bonus several times over, though each company may have incentives to offer you as an existing customer.  You will likely be able to opt-in or opt-out of these offers, generally communicated by email

In terms of the initial offers, each company does their best to cross reference information to ensure players may only benefit from a single incentive offer.  They may cross reference your email, postal address, funding method, IP address and more to ensure that their incentive programs are not abused.   

Thus, if you already have an account with any of these companies and you would like to enjoy the benefits of a bonus, it is best to simply select one of the other companies listed here rather than test these preventative cross-referencing measures.  There is no rule against having accounts with more than sportsbook company.


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