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What is the real cost of betting in another currency?

When you exchange your currency to fund a betting account based in another currency, you lose a significant amount value of the funds that are transacted,  The problem however, is that you never tend to see how much you lose.  The fee for exchanging currency is always hidden from you and this is the case for every currency exchange transaction, not only with those related to online sportsbooks.

When you need to exchange currency, the exchange house, your bank, credit card, e-wallet provider or the sportsbook itself is providing you with a balance in the new currency at a rate that has been marked up from the day’s best rate.  You never see the fee for the service, the exchange house simply shows your rate of exchange.  What they never show you was the rate of exchange that they paid to provide you with that new balance of funds.

Here’s an example of what happens: for simplicity, let’s assume we are going to exchange and deposit CAD1,000 into US funds.  The exchange house is going to list our exchange fee at 0.803 which gives us a balance of USD803.  However, the day’s best exchange rate is likely at least two points higher around 82 to 84 cents.  If the exchange house bought your funds at 0.833, they are essentially charging you USD30 for exchanging your money as the true value of your deposit is USD833.

While that might not seem like a huge sum of money, remember that most people deposit and withdraw funds to their betting account many times a year.  So this value will tend to add up quite quickly over the course of time.  Furthermore, if you hit on a big winner like a pick at long odds or a large multi-pick parlay, you’d have to pay the same 2% to 5% of that value as a fee to exchange your funds when you withdraw your winnings.  

By choosing a reputable sports betting provider that offers CAD accounts,you will eliminate this wasted money as you will be allowed to deposit, bet and withdraw all in the same currency.    

Canadian Dollar Sports Betting Sites

Beyond ensuring that a trustworthy and reputable company is selected, the most important point of differentiation for Canadians choosing a sports betting service is whether or not they offer Canadian Dollar accounts.  Don’t simply assume that every online sportsbook offers CAD accounts as many of the top names in the business DO NOT offer Canadian Dollar accounts.  With the sites below, when you register your account, you will be able to select CAD as your desired currency, or Canadian Dollars will be the default.  With sites not listed here, you may be at risk of being forced to play in another currency, paying all the extra costs that go along with it.

Why is this an important issue?  You want your experience to be as profitable as possible.  You want your dollars to be use towards your stakes and your wagers.  If you register with a betting site that only offers US Dollar, Euro or British Pound accounts, you will need to exchange your funds every time you deposit OR withdraw funds.  In general, this means that you will lose between 2% and 5% of the value of the sum being transacted.  

When you wager in your native currency you’ll never lose this value plus you’ll know that you are playing with a company that truly values Canadian customers as it is a significant investment for a betting company to offer any particular currency.  All the top Canada betting sites recommended here offer Canadian Dollar accounts.   

Setting CAD as Your Currency

Setting your online betting account currency is a very simple process.  I’ll outline how it’s done with each of our recommended services:

Betway. The bonus you see will be offered directly in CAD.  When you register your account, you will be able to select Canadian Dollars on the registration page.

Bodog.eu only serves the Canadian market and only offers CAD accounts.  There is nothing to set.  The default is Canadian Dollars.

Spin Sports will detect where you are visiting from.  When you begin to register, if visiting from Canada, your currency setting will default to CAD, but you can switch this to one of several other currencies.

Sports Interaction’s main target market is Canada and thus the default currency selected in the registration page will be Canadian Dollars - you won’t even need to change anything.

William Hill will detect your location when looking to register.  If visiting from Canada, it is programmed to pre-select CAD as your currency of choice.  However you are free to change this during the registration process should you prefer a difference currency for your account.

If you decide to register with an e-wallet provider like EcoPayz, you will also be able to select the applicable e-wallet currency balance.  You will of course want to set this to CAD so that all the accounts are in the same and correct currency.  Several e-wallets only allow you to set your currency during the registration process and do not allow  additional currency balances nor the ability to change your account currency post registration.

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