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These betting sites have competitive odds for major betting markets

When is comes to the odds, it helps if you understand how they work.  Betting sites want to make a little bit of money on every event betting market - no matter the result.  Each site wants to balance their ‘book’ of bets so that no matter the result, the stakes from the lost bets will cover the winners and leave a little bit of profit.  That is ‘bookmaking’ in a nutshell.   Since each betting site keeps their own ‘book’ and they each set their own odds profit margins, odds can differ significantly from event to event.

So which sites generally offer the highest odds?  As a rule of  thumb, if the betting site offers some promotional bonus offers like bet credits or sign up bonuses, they will have odds that are about average or in the middle of the market.  For given events and markets, they can have the highest odds, but in having to pay for the cost of these promotions, the odds for you will generally pay a bit less.

Canada Sports Betting Issues

Compare Futures Betting Odds

When you want to bet on the winner of big leagues, you are likely looking for Super Bowl winner odds, Stanley Cup winner odds, World Series winner odds, NBA Finals winner odds, Champions League winner odds or others.  When doing so, it really makes sense to compare futures betting odds from top Canadian Dollar betting sites at OddsJet.com.  Odds on the heavy favourites will all be very close between sportsbook providers.  

However, when you are interested in betting on participants that are not the heavy favourites, odds can differ significantly, often anywhere from 10% to over 50%.  Given how long you’ll need to wait for this kind of bet to potentially pay out, it certainly makes to invest the time to find the betting site that will reward you the most for your opinion on these futures betting markets. Find links for odds comparisons for popular futures and other betting markets below the list of betting sites.