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Canada Sports Betting Odds

Looking for the current lines and NFL odds for an upcoming game?  Maybe NHL odds?Navigate through a select group of our listed sportsbooks.  Unibet and BetVictor also provide excellent odds, but this tool will give you what you need  to see if there are particularly attractive terms for your wager.  Simply click the tabs to navigate by sport, then use the dropdown selectors to change the league, the bet type and the odds format.  

Understanding the Odds

For the most part, Canadians use ‘decimal’ as their odds format of choice.  This is the format you will likely be familiar with if you have ever played with any of the various sports lottery games.

If you are looking to play parlays such as with the lottery corporation games, the odds calculations are not fixed when dealing with a sportsbook .  When playing with a sportsbook, simply multiply your stake amount by the odds for each desired game result.

For example, a two-game point spread parlay from a lottery corporation will pay 2.00.  For any of the sportsbooks, the parlay odds will be the product of multiplying the odds for both picks.  So if your selections individually are 1.97 and 1.93, multiplying them together gives you parlay odds of 3.80.  As you can see, that’s nearly twice as high as the lottery corporation games.